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USDOT Drug and Alcohol Testing - What Owners, Managers and Drivers Need to Know


Helps you comply with requirements of 49 CFR 382.601 (providing your managers and drivers with educational materials covering 11 key areas, along with a copy of your company's alcohol and drug testing policies and procedures)

This program discusses the specific rules under Parts 40 and 382 of the FMCSRs, including key definitions, prohibited conduct, and the circumstances under which drivers will be tested.

1. Covers the 6 types of testing required (pre-employment, post-accident, random, reasonable suspicion, return-to-duty, and follow-up).
2. Features scenarios that go through alcohol and drug testing processes and procedures.
3. Emphasizes why drivers must comply with the alcohol and drug testing requirements.
4. Also includes info on refusal to submit to testing and referral to a substance abuse professional.

How it's presented:

1. 22-Minute Video - Combines engaging video and editing technology with expertise from a substance abuse professional.
2. PowerPoint Presentation.
3. Sample DOT Drug and Alcohol Policy.
4. Quiz.
5. Training Certificate.
6. Driver Handbook - Covers the 11 required topics carriers must discuss with drivers and features a tear-out driver receipt.
7. Alcohol & Drug Testing File Packet Includes 9 forms to help you meet recordkeeping requirements and aid in best practices.
8. Required Testing.
9. Reviews the six types of required alcohol and/or drug tests and the circumstances under which drivers would be subject to testing.

Drug & Alcohol Testing Procedures - We discuss realistic scenarios to illustrate and review what drivers can expect if they're sent for drug and/or alcohol testing.
Consequences of Alcohol Abuse and Drug Use - We discuss what happens if a driver fails an alcohol test, tests positive for drugs or refuses to take a test.

Role of the SAP - We cover the role the substance abuse professional (SAP) plays in getting drivers who have been removed from safety-sensitive functions back to work.

Confidentiality - We go over alcohol and drug testing records and the driver's rights to confidentiality and access.

We discuss some of the signs of alcohol misuse and drug use, as well as their negative consequences on health, career and personal life.