Scheduled Training Seminars
This seminar will show your drivers - step by step, part by part - how to inspect their vehicles. Proper vehicle inspections can reduce the chances of accidents and breakdowns ... and their resulting costs. This training will convince your drivers that inspections need to be done before and after every trip ... and will show them the proper procedures.
Makes a strong case for vehicle inspections by reminding drivers that they and their company suffer from accidents and breakdowns. Walks drivers through a seven-step inspection process from the engine to the cab to the brakes. Reminds drivers of applicable DOT regulations. It stresses the importance of checking things in the same order every time to reduce the chance of forgetting something, and reminds drivers to fill out the DVIR each time, as well.
What we cover: The 7-Step Vehicle Inspection Procedure and Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports.
How is it presented?: Power Point, Virtual Vehicle Inspection, 49 CFR 392, 393 & 396, & Handouts.

Date: 12/11/18 - Time: 12:30 PM - 4:30 PM Place: The Residence Inn, 91 Hall Street, Concord, New Hampshire.

Cost: $125 per person (includes all training materials and refreshments)

A Certificate of Training will be issued at the conclusion of the seminar.
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